Technical Assistance Providers

We provide technical assistance in the management of Grants and Program activities, to include:

  • Populating reports;
  • Completing and submitting interim program reports;
  • Assisting with negotiations and/or amendments;
  • Providing vendor liaison services; and
  • Ensuring grant compliance.
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Professional Development

The Professional Development Trainings consists of:

  • On-site presentations;
  • Sign-in sheets;
  • Orientations;
  • Activities;
  • Break-out sessions;
  • Instructional Materials; and
  • Demonstrations and/or follow-ups.
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Our evaluators review the submitted grant applications to determine if the project is progressing as intended, as well as, identify areas that need improvement throughout the life of your grant.

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Since 1993

We are a privately-owned business that specializes in grant program evaluation and professional development (PD) training sessions. We love seeing our communities have highly-proficient staff members; therefore, we have trainers and we do evaluations that help us determine what your organization needs to better its performance, production, and effectiveness.  Additionally, we perform on-site evaluations to ensure that our clients are remaining in compliance with all grant criteria.

Ms. Alaniz, our Founder/President of CTC, has been successfully managing and providing various services like this to hundreds of organizations for the past 17 years. Ms. Alaniz, has a wide array of work experience that has caused her to become highly-qualified for the grant evaluation and professional development field. Some of her work experiences include but are not limited to:

  • Being a Grant Program Director;
  • Serving as a Professional Development Trainer; and
  • Being nominated to serve on multiple Community Development Boards.

Ms. Alaniz's work experience, along with our highly-experienced staff members, enable us to be able to provide effective training sessions/evaluations that focus on the needs of our clients. Our ability to travel and perform on-site evaluations, as well as, our determination to provide constant support to our clientele is what separates it from any other company.


Linda V. Alaniz